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How To Check Best Diamond Quality

Dec 22, 20210

Diamonds are classic pieces of gem loved by all. From ages, people have cherished it and will do so for ages to come. Today, Diamond has become not only a symbol of Love, Commitment and Promises, but also of Wealth, Prosperity and Passion…

Be it men or women, everyone has a certain level of craze for these beauties and spend lakhs for it… People love to have Diamonds in their jewelry, be it Ring or Earring or even Bracelet and Bangles.

But what’s so special about Diamonds? Well, Diamonds are formed in Earth’s Mantle, and it takes millions and millions of years for completion. Diamonds are formed under extreme pressure and heat exceeding 2,200˚F (1204˚C). And during this formation, its size, color and shape is created which eventually decides its price.

We at Shanti Jewel - Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer, are here to help you, how you should check Real Diamond’s quality through 4Cs

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat
  • Cut

So you know what you are paying for and get beautiful and Quality Diamond only.

1) Diamond Color :

Color is the most important aspect of checking Diamond quality. It has a major impact on its value.

A colorless Diamond is considered perfect. When tints and hues of other colors, say brown or yellow gets visible, valuation of Diamond keeps on decreasing, unless the colors are extremely rare, then it may help in hiking up the price.

A Diamond’s quality is examined using a 23 color grading scale ranging from D-Z.

  • Colorless(From D to F)
  • Near Colorless (From G to J)
  • Faint(From K to M)
  • Very Light(From N to R)
  • Light(From S to Z)

Thus it goes unsaid, that 1 carat diamond with “D” color grade, is far more valuable than 4 Carat diamond with “S” color grade.

2) Diamond Clarity :

Clarity rating is another aspect of Diamond quality that you should know. A Diamond that has no blemishes or inclusions is considered Flawless and is extremely rare and expensive. In Diamond with low clarity quality one can see inclusions easily, even with naked eyes. Diamond Clarity is determined after examining Diamond under 10x magnification which includes:

Flawless (FL) diamonds It has no inclusions or blemishes.
Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds It has no internal inclusions but may have slight surface blemishes visible under 10x magnification..
Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1) & (VVS2) These diamonds have little inclusions which are quite difficult to see, even under magnification.
Very Slightly Included (VS1) & (VS2) diamond They have minor inclusions that are at times are easy to detect under 10x magnification. These inclusions cannot be seen by the naked eye..
Slightly Included (SI1) and (SI2) diamondsThese diamonds have inclusions that are easily noticeable under magnification that can be visible to even unaided eye at times.
Included (I1), (I2), and (I3) diamondsThese Diamonds have obvious inclusions which an expert can see withthe naked eye.

So, if you want to buy a beautiful Real diamond and yet are tight on budget, VVS1 or VVs2 and VS1 or VS2 is just perfect for you as they seem flawless to the naked eye and shines bright.

3) Diamond Carat :

Carat is another important aspect of checking Diamond quality among 4Cs. Its Carat that decides how expensive your Diamond will be. Larger Diamond usually worth more than smaller ones. Carat refers to Diamond’s weight, and mind well not its size. One Carat equals to 0.2 g. Carats can be measured even in points, like 100 points is considered to be a full carat.

4) Diamond Cut :

The cut quality is all about increasing aesthetic in your Diamond. A quality Cut makes Diamond look spectacular by enhancing its shine and dazzle. The facets and its position is important for brilliance if Diamond. It is important to know that Diamond Cut is not the same as Diamond shape. Diamond cut is all about a perfect contrast between light and dark part of Diamond, for brilliant and sparkling appearance.

Consider 3 things :

  • Brightness: It is the light reflection of your diamond.
  • Fire: It refers to the flashes of color your diamond shows as a refraction of light.
  • Scintillation: It is all about balancing between the light & the dark parts of your diamond.

Whenever you buy Real diamond, consider all 4Cs. Not one is less important than the other… A perfect Original Diamond is indeed just a perfect balance of 4Cs. Here is a quick summary for keeping points into mind of 4Cs for purchasing any Real Diamond Jewelry explained through an Infographic :

We at Shanti jewel - Lab Created Diamond Jewelry Store, are here to help you to find your perfect Diamond! Visit the shop or connect online!

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